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Exploit SETA 
Position Description
X8 seeks a well-rounded Computer Network Operations (CNO) developer with working experience in USCYBERCOM or other Intelligence Community (IC) partners to guide the development, evolution and integration of exploits and exploitation frameworks for our DoD customers. The selectee will help shape the API interactions of multiple exploit frameworks and their components. In collaboration with users and customers, the selectee will evaluate and provide recommendations for exploit purchasing efforts within the DoD. Our customer is the leading voice in DoD operational cyber development, delivering significant capabilities for the US Air Force and USCYBERCOM.  The selectee will serve as the hub for technical decision making and advocate for operational best practices, leveraging lessons learned from years of working in cyber development roles. This selectee will ensure exploits under development meet rigorous demands for operational employment and effectiveness through interactions with users, developers and the customer. X8 SMEs work with a smart, dynamic, and important DoD customer, actually changing how cyber operations are conducted.
Duties / Responsibilities 
  • Assess the viability and applicability of exploits and exploit frameworks under development by multiple contracts to performers.
  • Provide technical oversight and orchestrate the success of exploits under development and deployed to the user community by our customer.
  • Refine, edit and create requirements on behalf of the customer’s projects to ensure development teams understand what needs to be done, built, prioritized or and delivered.
  • Draft technical solutions, SOPs, user guides, CONOPs and CONEMPs with other SMEs to meet the operational needs of the USCYBERCOM user community, based on the development projects under management.
  • Develop and document proof of concept (POC) exploits, QRC capabilities or features in response to customer requirements. Assist in tech transfer to long term development if needed. Identify and address software development challenges with the other contractors in support of the customer’s larger development goals.
  • Work with SMEs from a variety of backgrounds to develop TTPs and integrate them into exploit frameworks.
  • Provide informed advocacy, writing, and teamwork with other cyber operations SMEs to help think beyond normal boundaries, to see what’s possible.
  • Advise government customers on the complex interplay between multiple different development projects, contract performers and schedules to ensure all work seamlessly to meet mission requirements.
  • Conduct operational research projects, assess other systems, document opinions and help integrate new capabilities into a larger cyberspace architecture.
Position Requirements 
  • A minimum of five years working in the IC, law enforcement or DoD cyber communities performing exploit development or leading such an effort.
  • Familiarity conducting software development and testing working on exploits for at least 2 of the following: Windows, Linux, Embedded Devices, Android, iOS.
  • Involvement in the discovery and weaponization of at least two zero-day vulnerabilities or integration and development of multiple N-day exploits, within a framework.
  • Familiarity with modern software testing processes, agile ceremonies, and scrum.
  • Experience in work roles like CNO/OCO developer, Exploitation Analyst, Mission Director, or Interactive On-Net Operator with a Tool Champion background for multiple tools is highly desired.
  • Familiarity with a broad range of topics in cyber space operations including operations, analysis, development, information technology, requirements refinement, architecture development, networking or systems analysis.
  • Strong understanding of and familiarity with JIRA and Confluence and related tools.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work with technical and non-technical leaders
  • This position will operate primarily out of the Fort Meade area, with some travel to Fort Washington, MD once or twice a week. Trips to other partner facilities are significantly restricted due to the ongoing COVID crisis. Travel to San Antonio or other national cyber hubs may occur quarterly.
  • X8 leverages the Microsoft Teams Telecommunications suite and holds approved teleworking agreements with our DoD work centers. X8 HQ in Hanover is semi-open, with reduced access for leadership and essential work only.
Educational Requirements 
  • BS Degree in a technical field such as Computer Science, Computing Engineering, or Electrical Engineering, is highly desired. Other degrees or advanced training will be evaluated for relevance.
Why should I work with X8?
X8 is not hiring you to tell you what to do. X8 wants your best effort, ideas, and passion to ensure the successful integration of prototype systems, with multiple applications also under development. You will set the parameters for success and advise multiple vendors under your purview on how to work with each other to achieve combined success. The selected candidate will also have a front row seat to the other interesting development challenges other agencies are hiring X8 to tackle.
Can you
  • Employ empathy while working with other diverse teams and talent? X8 partners across the DC metro area with peers, partners, and other contractors.
  • Are you sure of yourself, self-aware enough to ask for help and willing to help others?
  • Are you passionate about the mission and the quality of the products and processes you bring to clients?
  • Can you tell a good joke and enjoy working with other unicorns in this field?
If you want to change how the DoD conducts mission and really make a difference within USCYBERCOM, X8 wants to hear from you. X8 values diversity of thought, applicants, military affiliation, and originating industry. Our capital asset is the grey matter we bring to bear on key problems of the military, national security clients and for our own internal development. Join us and rise with a small but ever successful firm on the rise.

To apply for this job please visit x8llc.com.