Offensive Cyberspace Operator / Tool Champion

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Offensive Cyberspace Operator / Tool Champion

X8 seeks a self-motivated and operationally seasoned Offensive Cyberspace Operator (*nix Tool Expert) to serve as the central point of contact for cyber tools in development or upgrade. This expert will ensure tools meet the rigorous demands for operational employment and effectiveness, and progress through the process on schedule. Additionally, the expert will be responsible for leading projects to research, assess, document, train, and integrate cyber capabilities into a larger cyberspace architecture. Tool Subject Matter Experts (SME) will leverage their advanced experience to analyze and characterize whether a tool or toolkit meets the documented requirements set by the customer and can work in concert with other systems to achieve the intended mission objective.  


The *nix Tools SME will focus on the *nix portfolio but may be asked to comment on a wide variety of cyberspace operational issues involving our customers. SMEs will also nominate changes to the tools, processes, or contracts to ensure the tools achieve the desired operational effect. Additionally, the SME will communicate findings through written reports and verbal presentations.  This position is in San Antonio, Texas. 


Duties / Responsibilities:  
While a highly technical position that leverages your technical skills, this position also requires informed advocacy, writing, and teamwork with other cyberspace SMEs to help think beyond normal boundaries to see what’s possible.   

  • Plan and execute adversary simulation engagements (i.e., penetration testing, red team, web application assessments, etc.)   
  • Interpret customer and operational needs to translate them into actionable tasks and manage small projects  
  • Use and assist in the design of cyber range environments, such as PCTE, to effectively assess the intended and unintended performance of tools in a target-representative environment    
  • Employ advanced skills to design and nominate custom scripts, research TTPs or tradecraft, and publish methodologies to strengthen offensive operations    
  • Assess and advise Research and Development (R&D) of new and cutting-edge cyber capabilities    
  • Develop, review, and edit proposals, policies, whitepapers, and research to help our clients build the next generation of cyberspace capabilities   


Desired Experience:   

  • Experience in NSA’s Computer Network Operations (CNO) mission or U.S. Cyber Command’s offensive cyberspace operations    
  • Certified NSA or USCYBERCOM Journeyman Operator (or higher)    
  • Demonstrated operational experience using penetration testing suites (Kali Linux, BackBox, or similar) and tools (Metasploit, Cobalt Strike, etc.)   
  • Advanced knowledge and skills utilizing attack tools and TTPs to conduct personal security products (PSP) evasion, reconnaissance, exploitation, persistence, C2, data ex-filtration, other post-exploitation activities 
  • Experience in web application assessments and web/web app languages and TTPs (ASP, SQL-injection, JavaScript, .NET, CSS, etc.)  
  • Demonstrated experience using automation scripting languages (Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, etc.) to achieve operational effects  
  • Experience with malware TTPs and/or developing/modifying exploits and tools  
  • Working knowledge and experience using fuzzing tools   
  • Demonstrated programming (C, C++, C#, Pearl, Java, etc.) or scripting (Python, Shell, PowerShell, etc.) skills and code review of these    
  • Excellent communications (written and verbal) and conflict resolution skills  
  • Ability to abstract tasks (directed or implied) and see tasks through completion  
  • Ability to work individually or as part of a team. Must be self-motivated, able to manage and balance time among multiple tasks and projects   



  • Bachelor of Science and/or Master of Science in a STEM-related field  

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