X8's team is composed of highly skilled cyber operations, intelligence, and engineering experts.

X8 is a cyber industry leader providing full-spectrum engagement® solutions. Our experience, expertise, and engineering proficiencies provide the sound cyber solutions our customers require to achieve mission success. X8 subject matter experts, in offensive and defensive cyber operations, excel at rapid prototyping, agile development, and the use of new and emerging technologies to ensure complete and secure cyber mission operations.

Core Competencies

Moving outside of the kinetic world and into the virtual

Identify, test, and remediate perceived and real vulnerabilities in networks

Implement and mature a cyber threat intelligence program

Understand vulnerabilities that exist with software and technologies

Architect solutions that integrate and automate systems and processes

Design and field solutions that enable updates and deployment of new capabilities

X8 is at the forefront of cyber operations and cyber security.

Our technical skill, operational insights, and mission experience allow us to pursue and resolve complex challenges across varying domains and platforms.

X8 provides the security needed for clients to operate in the ever-changing cyber environment without hesitation.