Core Competencies

A leading cyber provider, X8 provides its innovative full-spectrum engagement® solutions for clients in a variety of fields.

X8 is well regarded as a trusted source of proven offensive and defensive systems solutions staffed by seasoned and talented field experts. X8 provides the security needed for clients to operate in the ever-changing cyber environment without hesitation.

Cyber Operations

Moving outside of the kinetic world and into the virtual

Cyber operations have transformed the way wars are fought and intelligence is gathered. Each member of our federal services staff has experience in the cyber operations space within the Department of Defense. From the technical to the strategic and programmatic, our staff leverages experience and expertise to provide timely guidance to our customers.

Cyber Security

Thinking like an attacker is the best way to defend networks.

Using their experience within the cyber operations community, X8 helps to identify, test, and remediate perceived and real vulnerabilities in customer networks. Our cyber security services include vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and general security assessments.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Malicious cyber activity is both constant and always changing.

At X8, MITRE ATT&CK, ODNI's Cyber Threat Framework, and the Diamond Model are employed to identify and analyze malicious activity. Our staff helps customers understand their risks and leverages information from within their environment and external sources to implement and mature a cyber threat intelligence program that best suits their needs.

Vulnerability Research

Understanding the vulnerabilities that exist with software and technologies in your
environment is paramount to keeping it secure.

X8's engineers have years of experience in reverse engineering hardware and software to ensure security. We work with our customers to understand their expected and implementation of the identified technology, scrutinizing all aspects of the respective platform to discover vulnerabilities, and work with them to mitigate them accordingly.

Systems Engineering

Whether existing in a private cloud or public, utilizing a stand-alone server or integrated with dozens of other systems, technologies must meet the needs of an organization and its users.

X8 engineers have decades of experience designing, implementing, and managing complex systems across numerous industries, including the Department of Defense. We work alongside our customers to architect solutions that satisfy the needs of the organization, integrating and automating systems and processes for maximum efficiency.

Development Operations

In the age of containers, microservices, and serverless technologies, there is no reason for organizations to experience extended delays when fielding a patch or implementing a new capability.

Through proper design and implementation, X8 engineers work with our customers to design and field solutions that enable updates and deployment of new capabilities at the speed of development.