About Us

X8 is a cyber industry leader providing full-spectrum engagement® solutions.

Our experience, expertise, and engineering proficiencies provide the sound cyber solutions our customers require to achieve mission success. X8 subject matter experts, in offensive and defensive cyber operations, excel at rapid prototyping, agile development, and the use of new and emerging technologies to ensure complete and secure cyber mission operations.

“X8 was named to represent the 8 dimensions of a sensor information system, a focus of the company in its early stages. X is the universal variable in math, implying boundless dimensions, coupled with 8, which signifies good luck. The X8 logo is a triangle, a strong, mystical shape, that is blue, which builds trust as we look toward the sky.”

Sterling S. Rooke, Founder & CEO
Our Mission

Bringing domain excellence to solve exigent cyber challenges for our clients.

Our Vision

To combine the exceptional talents and brainpower of our diverse, experienced team to develop innovations that will better the intelligence field

To further our reputation as a leading innovator of advanced cyber systems

To create solutions never before achieved in the cyber environment


X8 offers like-minded experts the opportunity to grow and expand through a culture based on teamwork and collaboration. We welcome experts who want to contribute and be challenged, combining those with varied experiences, certifications and merits, and who are dedicated and committed to digging deep and applying creative techniques and tactics, alongside their peers, to solve intricate cyber problems.

Our Core Values:


We channel our talents and drive to yield ground-breaking solutions and achieve personal fulfillment.


We dedicate our efforts to the pursuit of excellence in customer service and job satisfaction.


We employ the highest ethical standards and maintain the confidentiality and professionalism expected in our industry.


We foster an environment of employee collaboration to create innovative solutions and promote individual and company growth.


We encourage the development of new ideas to create intricate solutions unmatched in the industry.


We value the individual contributions of our employees, and treat everyone with the utmost regard and appreciation.